My studio is based in a my house in Wirksworth, a small town in Derbyshire near Matlock, and comprises of a Logic Pro X based system with high quality converters and Universal Audio processing (see below for gear list).

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I generally offer a mixture of production, additional musicianship and mixing for my clients, who come needing a range of services, from full recording and production, through to arriving with an almost finished track that just needs the final polish.   I have worked with a wide range of clients and styles of music, from live location recordings for Babyshambles, to chilled out hip hop, and on to heavy rock.

In terms of process, I can work with bands and musicians in studios to capture the original tracks, or you can bring me tracks you’ve already recorded.  We can do overdubs in my mix studio (vocals, guitar, keys etc) or if you want I can do the mix by remote from files you send me.

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My studio equipment and approach has changed over the years and I now primarily use Logic Pro X (sometimes Pro Tools) and have moved away from the 30U of outboard equipment to a streamlined but high quality setup, choosing to concentrate money on converters and preamps, good microphones and good monitoring, and high quality DSP effects:

  • Apple MacBook Pro running Logic Pro X and Pro Tools
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 DUO interface and preamps
  • Universal Audio Satellite QUAD with many many emulations of classic plugins (EMT, Neve, SSL, Teletronix, Lexicon)
  • Mackie HR 824 active monitors
  • Adam Audio A3X active monitors
  • Focusrite Platinum Octopre LE 8 channel preamp
  • Hughes & Kettner amplifiers
  • GigRig G2, Eventide, TC Electronic, Source Audio, MXR, Xotic, Mooer pedals
  • Brauner, AKG, Rode, Audix, Shure, SE Electronic microphones

jay guitarstipe

Below are some examples of projects I’ve worked on and people I’ve been lucky to work with.  Audio examples are on my Soundcloud channel (


I have worked as mix engineer and guitarist for Frameworks for the last few years. His most recent album is due out in 2017 and his most recent EP came out in 2016 on Loci Records.

“Matthew Brewer also known as Frameworks from Manchester comes armed with a record player and a few instruments to lay most of the ideas down for his new 7” before calling upon various musicians to fill in the gaps. The final mixes where done at studio Nyne near ….Manchester…. with Gareth Metcalf. Frameworks is live musicians recorded live, sampled then sequenced over the drum sampling of Matthew himself building graceful and eloquent productions.  Pure cinematic down-tempo boom bap production at its finest, reminiscent of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, J Rawls’ Liquid Crystal Project, Tosca, Fourtet, Jon Kennedy.”


“Output 1 might just see them reap the rewards that they definitely deserve for the music created here..distinctly in the footsteps of Blackfield…” – Andrew Latham (Room Thirteen)

“As a five piece, Quietland have all the ingredients needed to make some good tunes and they don´t disapoint here” – Allan Bannerman (PowerPlay Magazine, March 2008)

If you’re tiring of the present throw-away pop culture, put your feet up, put your head phones on, turn the volume up, and join Quietland while they trip through a spectrum of emotion. They bring you honesty, reflection and guts contained within music influenced by artists as diverse as Smashing Pumpkins, Nick Drake and Antony & The Johnsons.

Quietland’s debut album was released in Spring 2008 through Manchester based BabyBoom Records, on CD Digipak and Download.  I wrote,played guitar, engineered and mixed this album.

Quietland band 2N piano 2 b&w


Babyshambles – Up The Shambles live DVD – concert filmed at The Ritz in Manchester in 2004.  Studio Nyne provided location recording (by Chris Hughes) and I completed the mix in stereo and 5.1 in 2007 prior to release by Eagle Vision.

Other projects/work

I have provided compiling / mastering services for a range of clients, primarily independent record labels.  Work has included:

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