Studio Nyne is Gareth Metcalf, a musician, producer and recording engineer who specialises in mixing. I work out of the studio in my house in Sandiacre, Derbyshire and am quite happy to travel to you to record.


The Frameworks “Old Friend” EP which has been released this month, which I mixed and played guitar on, has been receiving rave reviews:

“the finished products are polished, meticulously tweaked vibrations brimming with cinematic drama and emotion”

In Your Speakers review, Bang Tidy Music review, Salacious Sound review


Alongside music I work in education and have provided consultancy on acoustics, recording studio setup and various aspects of music education. I’ve been involved in music since an early age, and have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of talented people and styles of music in the following ways:

  1. studio : mixing, production, recording
  2. music : guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  3. consultancy : studio design, audio quality & restoration, course design
  4. education : course development, lecturing, course management, quality assurance

Please check out the other pages on my site for examples of work, previous clients etc and contact me if you have any enquiries.  I’m always looking for more people to work with and would be happy to chat about what you’d like to do. Below is my Soundcloud channel with examples of various projects I’ve worked on as an engineer.

Contact me on email (gareth@studio-nyne.co.uk) or phone 07939 216 031